Tuesday, February 24, 2009


First imagine a phonocentrism not of an inner voice, not of soliloquy–what, really, is solitary about about an inner voice, about anything interiorized, or, perhaps by the same token, bound for exteriorizations? The inner voice speaks permeations such as to vibrate against any supposed harmony of interiors and centering. Phono-eccentrism. Ride it. Caputo says, "In inner soliloquy I speak to myself, but I do not write to myself" (Radical Hermeneutics, p. 137). Speaking for myself, I say in quiet what I write, as well as what I read. I invite you to become aware of your larynx as you read this. Breach-phonation does not do violence to the really felt. It does however play. Is it playful enough? For whispers? For the shout chorus? Breach-phonation keeps time with the heart, even as it plays itself, in moments, against the heart beat. The moment of the breach may be the realization of departure from the thump, a wild anacrusis, or yet another thump. Thump thump.

Next up: rhythm at the source of phenomenality?

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