Saturday, November 29, 2008

Introduction to the Incognitive Question

If in questioning we free ourselves from belief, do we free ourselves from thought? Perhaps at every minute thought demands, in what comes to be a secret demand, that we forget what thought is, forget our very idea of thought. The question would then be the expression of that demand, an exposure, or better, an adventure, of thought's secret demand.

Are we capable of incognition? My understanding of the incognitive question is not nihilistic. Is it hallucinatory in a sense that Flusser would warn us about (via Bild, Metapher, Zeichen)? Of course the incognitive question in this sense would represent a capacity that rests upon an incapacity, a remembering embedded in a forgetting. Can we decipher the incognitive question without reading the one in terms of the other, the thought in terms of the non-thought, the memory in terms of the forgetting? Can we decipher deciphering in terms of deciphering?

What would it be about incognition that would need to be communicated? Why would I think that thought would call for adventure, the adventure of the question? Why does that question come to me? Who called on me?

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Blogger Andrew Louis said...

How can you question anything if you don't first believe? How can you be free from thought while thinking about the question?

I would say we forget about thought in much the same way a basketball player forgets about basketball in the middle of a shot. How can the "concept" of basketball be before the mind the way thought could be before the mind - at least in a conscious way?

And how could one be capable of incognition? How can you point it out without loosing it? Are we capable of not knowing that we’re breathing, or that our heart is beating? I could say, “it hadn’t crossed my mind.” And perhaps that’s an affirmative answer.

A sensation is not a something, but not a nothing either! The conclusion was only that a nothing would serve just as well as a something about which nothing could be said.

November 29, 2008 12:28 PM  
Blogger Fido the Yak said...

I've been thinking about your questions and may work something in the nature of a reply into a post in the near future. Hi, Andrew.

December 06, 2008 1:05 PM  

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