Friday, October 26, 2007

The Shallow End

Somebody's going to have to hit me over the head with a pretty big clue stick to teach me the difference between the metaphor and the concept. I sense that for some philosophers the metaphor is what is not really meant while for most poets the metaphor is exactly what is meant. If there really is such a dispute about metaphor I would side with the poets. Anyway, I'd like to begin to evaluate what Deleuze means by calling for a "new machinery" for the production of sense (Logic of Sense, p. 72). When Deleuze speaks of machinery in relation to sense he means something like "machinery of the psyche." What Deleuze wants to say with the metaphor is that sense is produced rather than discovered, restored or remployed. He also wants to say that the person is pure bunkum, so if we think about psyche, we musn't by any means think it belongs to or is anything like a person, or at least not prior to any production of sense.

Like Deleuze, I too grow weary of ill-equiped and misguided searches for origins, though at the same time I maintain an interest in paleontology. Why would a psyche that joyed in the production of sense find displeasure in discovery? (I note in passing that discovery, like the machine, was a dominant metaphor of archaic ologies, and still finds its uses here and there). No matter how much fun there is to be had in the shallow end of the pool, I still want to be able to dive off the deep end when I feel like it. Can we really say definitively what swimming is all about? Does it need an ontology?

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