Monday, August 06, 2007

The Reverse of the Cosmos

Influxus has posted Jean-Luc Nancy's A note on the term: Biopolitics (ht Metastable Equilibrium). Nancy says that "what forms a world today is exactly the conjunction of an ulimited process of an eco-technological enframing and of a vanishing of the possibilities of forms of life and/or of common ground" (his emphasis). And he says that ecotechnology reveals "the infinitely problematic character of any 'auto' in general." Has extinction become an exclusively ecotechnological question? Irrevocably? What would be the point of philosophizing a world in which Homo sapiens had become extinct, all of its technologies defunct? Does death mark the limit of philosophy? Of course we can posit such eventualities, but how do we philosophize them? Anyway, as always, I am intrigued by what Nancy has to say about the world.

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