Thursday, January 04, 2007

A New Science of Being

Marion (Reduction and Givenness, p. 143) points to the following passage from Husserl's Cartesian Meditations:

But perhaps, with the Cartesian discovery of the transcendental ego, a new idea of the grounding of knowledge also becomes disclosed: the idea of it as a transcendental grounding. And indeed, instead of attempting to use the ego cogito as an apodictically evident premise for arguments supposedly implying a transcendental subjectivity, we shall direct our attention to the fact that phenomenological epoché lays open (to me, the mediating philosopher) an infinite realm of being of a new kind, as the sphere of a new kind of experience: transcendental experience.

(Cartesian Meditations,§ 12, p. 27, emphasis Husserl's)

Husserl notes in the margins here "And where there is a new experience, a new science must arise." Say the door is open here to a new science of being (being as lived experience). Does this new science radically democratize the ability to question experience, or does the mediating philosopher retain a privilege over and above the ordinary subject of experience? What ethos guides the conduct of research within the sphere of transcendental experience?

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