Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Origin of the World

An origin is not an origin, Nancy writes, "in order to hover over some derivative succession in which its being as origin would be lost. An origin is something other than a starting point; it is both a principle and an appearing; as such it repeats itself at each moment of what it originates" (Being Singular Plural, p. 83). If the world is its own origin, he continues, "then the origin of the world occurs at each moment of the world."

So is the world its own origin? Is the world its own appearing? (To say as much at least seems familiar.) Is the world its own principle?

In a footnote to another passage (on the agreement between technology and the "with"), Nancy notes that if physis is defined as "what presents itself and what accomplishes itself by itself, then the 'with' is of a different order" (endnote 61, p. 202). To which order, then, does the world belong?

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