Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Rise, the latest album from sitarist Anoushka Shankar is both fascinating and annoying. The annoying part is the sense of some songs being overproduced pop for aging dullards. But when Anoushka simply plays her sitar the music can be wonderous. Some of her most soulful playing is on the Soleá, essentially a dialogue with pianist Pedro Ricardo Miño.

Miño has expressed the view that there is no Nuevo Flamenco, but rather that all genuine Flamenco is of the moment. Perhaps. But I wonder if recent trends towards rumbas and tangos aren't pushing aside some of the older palos. It seems like I know Nuevo Flamenco when I hear it, and at the same time I can hear a Flamenco artist's deep roots in the tradition. Paco de Lucía's Cositas Buenos (with Javier Limón) provides a ready example.

Maybe I shouldn't be so concerned. The Soleá is still kicking.

p.s. Linux tip of the day: If you're using grip with cdda2wav and it stalls after ripping, send it a SIGALRM. Your favorite process viewer probably has it listed in a menu somewhere. This is a lousy workaround, but it does work. If I ever properly diagnose the problem I'll note it here as p.p.s.

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