Monday, August 28, 2006

Proper Listening, Melodic Thinking

Now I've got Prez in every cd player, all from The Lester Young Story, a four disc box set from Proper Records. Also from Proper I have Boss Bird, four discs of Charlie Parker. (Thanks again, B.) If you haven't already duplicated or digitized your vinyl and your cassette tapes, check out the box sets from Proper. They're inexpensive and you can get them from Amazon or, naturally, you can ask your favorite retailer. Proper is not the way to go if you want to study all seven out-takes of "Klactoveesedstene." If what you want is a boatload of tunes at a bargain price, look for Proper.

At this very moment I'm listening to the Ray Davies Show on Bluegrass Country. I'm not often in the mood for bluegrass, but when I am I want to hear the real deal.

If you're jonesing for thinking about melody, then go to Dylan Trigg's Side-Effects. Dylan recently followed up his posts on the Dialectic of Duration (1 and 2) with a post on Time and Melody. "Is it possible," he asks, "to think of temporal continuity as tonal and temporal discontinuity as atonal?" Myself, I'm going to listen to Andrew Hill's Time Lines again before I really think about it. I also want to catch up on my Bachelard, since The Poetics of Space is the only book of his own, which is sort of like only owning Hill's Point of Departure, a brilliant album but hardly representive of all the directions Hill's music has taken.

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