Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Vital, Empirical

Gary Sauer-Thompson has been posting rather astutely on the topic of vitalism, and I think this ties into an observation he made about Gilles Deleuze's empiricism. A question I have for Gary (for some reason my comment on his blog didn't stick) is whether or in what way precisely Deleuze's sense of doing philosophy actually conflicts with an existential phenomenology? It's curious, because although one would hesitate to lump Deleuze in with Merleau-Ponty and company, his concept of empiricism as "analysing the states of things, in such a way that non-pre-existent concepts can be extracted from them" strikes me as something one would do from within a Husserlian epoché, the function of imagination or creativity in this method being not so much "invention" as "discovery." My minimal acquaitance with Deleuze's work precludes me from delving into this at present, but I hope to get back to it before too long.

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