Thursday, January 26, 2006

l'envol de mille papillons

Jean Paul Sartre writes in The Mobiles of Calder

The mobiles, which are neither wholly alive nor wholly mechanical, and which always eventually return to their original form, may be likened to water grasses in the changing currents, or to the petals of the sensitive plant, or to gossamer caught in an updraft. In short, although mobiles do not seek to imitate anything because they do not seek any end whatever, unless it be to create scales and chords of hitherto unknown movements--they are nevertheless at once lyrical inventions, technical combinations of an almost mathematical quality, and sensitive symbols of Nature, of that profligate Nature which squanders pollen while unloosing a flight of a thousand butterflies; of that inscrutable Nature which refuses to reveal to us whether it is a blind succession of causes and effects, or the timid, hesitant, groping development of an idea.

ht Anne Galloway. I'm not sure where she's going with the idea of play, but it sounds like fun.

In other news, Spirit and Opportunity have become the Energizer Bunnies of interplanetary exploration.

Just one of those fabulous flights, a trip across Mars on germanium wings....

Incidentally, Fido the Yak is not the Field Integrated Design and Operations Rover, but the thought of a Rover called FIDO is quite to his liking.

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