Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Parisian Lectures

Are the Cartesian Meditations the product of a unitary consciousness? It's a patchwork of ideas, concieved at different moments, including marginal notes which are sometimes inserted into the text, sometimes noted in the margins, substitutions from the "French translation" and "Manuscript-C," errant mimeographs, stricken words, scribblings. Doubts. Should this have been said sooner? Does this belong here? And the underlying question, Does this really make sense?

This is billed as an introduction to phenomenology? Well, so is the Crisis. Go figure.

Instead of driving myself batty trying to decipher the Meditations, perhaps I'll just start over from the Parisian Lectures. My German is rusty, but in its favor it's (a) relatively coherent, and (b) probably a seminal source for 2nd generation phenomenologists, and so on.

Welcome Diversion: Notes on the Relation Between Place and Sound.

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