Thursday, May 05, 2005

Bloggled Up, Bloggled Down

The brain's too distracted to post coherently. Must be spring.

On the radar:

In the works:

  • A reading of Arendt's "Personal Responsibility Under Dictatorship," her reply to criticisms of Eichmann in Jerusalum. How that bears on current debates.

  • Do numbers take up space? An aggressively naive probing of the Pythagorean worldview. Getting hung up on Derrida's intro to Husserl's "Origins of Geometry," Husserl himself, high energy physics, some Gabirol, a need to actually read and understand Aristotle's Metaphysics.

  • Aristoxenus' Elements of Rhythm. This is leading me to reconsider Pythagoras, which I hadn't imagined, and also Kofi Agawu's critique of Africanist musicology. A note on the connection between schema and habitus. Need to reread Panofsky and Bourdieu.

  • Fido the Yak v. Wendy Hamblet on Levinas' ethics. It's virtually a tko for Hamblet at this point, but Fido the Yak perseveres, confident that he has the superior reading of Totality and Infinity despite all evidence to the contrary. Definitely need to study the Cartesian Meditations, possibly Edith Stein as well.

  • George Herbert Mead's The Philosophy of the Present. Can probably be folded into "Personal Responsibility" without recourse to Minkowski space-time.

  • War of Visionaries: Francis Deng v. Jean-Loup Amselle. Actually more binocular than oppositional. Actually, actually more embyonic than anything at this point. We'll see.

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