Thursday, April 14, 2005

James Nachtwey: Tragedy in Sudan

Kofi Annan's oped in yesterday's New York Times (ht: Eugene Oregon at Coalition for Darfur) got me to thinking about the vital function of journalism in today's world, and whether the profession is meeting its obligations, especially with regard to international reporting and the Sudan crisis in particular. For the socalled print media, I think the answer is a tentative yes. Obviously more could be done, but the major newspapers and magazines have been at the vanguard of covering the story in Sudan.

Yesterday the American Society of Magazine Editors announced the winners of its annual awards (the Ellies). The New Yorker picked up five well-deserved Ellies, including one for Samantha Power's Dying in Darfur. Time Magazine won an Ellie for its publication of Tragedy in Sudan, a photoessay by James Nachtwey. (For a version of the photo essay that doesn't require the Macromedia plugin, see Tragedy in Sudan from VII photo).

Nachtwey's work in Darfur has not gone unnoticed, winning two poyi awards for general reporting and a First Place Award from World Press Photo in the Contemporary Issues Category. And there has been some acknowledgement of his work and consciousness raising in the blogosphere.

Well, I'd like to show the picture of Nachtwey's that speaks to me most in this space, but viiphoto appears to be blocking direct links to its photos. Oh well.

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